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Scholia: Buddhological Scholarship

Indica et Buddhica Scholia provides bibliographic material on books. Classified data on articles, images, theses and software and other material is being included. Here is a list of the journals currently included.

To Search with Scholia one only has to set an attribute and enter terms:

- Author (B, A), Author-name-personal (B, A), Author-name-corporate, Author-name-conference, Title, Title-series, Place-publication, Publisher, Date-of-publication, ISBN, ISSN, Abstract, Note, Subject-heading, Thematic-number

- single: e.g., `Nagarjuna' or `Nāgārjuna'
- adjacent: e.g., `Kendriya Ucca Tibbati Siksha Samsthana' or `Kendrīya Ucca Tibbatī Śikshā Saṃsthāna'
- truncated: e.g., `saptati' searches for Śūnyatāsaptatikārika, Pranidhānasaptati, &c.
- personal names: e.g., `Lamotte, Etienne' (B, A) or `Jong, J. W. de'
- case insensitive: e.g. `BUDDHIST', `Buddhist' and `buddhist' are equivalent

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