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An introduction to the principles and practices of esoteric Buddhism : being the text of Bla med nang rgyud sde gsum gyi rgyab chos padmaʼi zhal gdams Lam rim ye snying ʼgrel pa ye shes snang baʼi zur rgyan brgyud ldan bla maʼi zhal rgyun rnams brjed byang gcig bsdus ye shes lam ʼjug, a subcommentary on ʼJam-mgon Kong-sprulʼs Ye shes snang ba, itself a commentary on the gter ma Lam rim ye shes snying po rediscovered by Mkhyen-brtseʼi-dbang-po and Mchog-ʼgyur-gling-pa / by Padma-phrin-las-snying-po. Together with three other texts on concepts of esoteric Buddhism from the library of Dookpa Thoosay Rimpoche


Leh : S. W. Tashigangpa, 1971

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